Dark Matter co-creator on 3×10, sounds like there’s more story to come with Shaw: spoilertv(dotcom)/2017/08/dark-matter-joseph-mallozzi-exclusive(dot h t m l)

Oooh. Well. Well, well, well. (Clickable link)

STV: We need to talk about Dr. Shaw. Did the Rebecca and Dr. Shaw thing come about because of the chemistry between Melissa and Zoie or has it always been in the works since the beginning when you were imagining the show?

JM: It’s kind of been in the works, but it certainly helps that Melissa and Zoie do have great chemistry. If you look back you can see that it’s kind of hinted at throughout this season so it’s throughout the show. There is a special connection between her and the Android for some reason. It’s something we hint at kind of subtly through their interactions, but also when we talk about the backstory and the fact that again and again, Portia made her who she is and such. Like most everything in Dark Matter, it’s kind of an endgame in mind. And a lot of the stuff we threw out there may seem sort of random but, hopefully, all of it will come together and pay off at series end.

Hmmmmmmmmm. But yay, f/f chemistry. Canon f/f relationship involving a main character. 


Then they talk about maybe Two not being able to connect with One and Three past their sexual liaisons because some part of her was always still thinking of Dr. Shaw. 


Omg, they’re paralleling Three/Sarah with Two/Irena. 

STV: I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of Two and Android stuff coming up. That’s what it is sounding like.

JM: Possibly. Possibly.


Man, I dgaf about Alternate Portia. Well. She is hot. Omg, what if she has an even more tragic story with her Dr. Shaw. 

I hope Dr. Shaw doesn’t side with Victor…I don’t want her to be evil. Though, I didn’t expect her to live out this episode so there’s that.

STV: Could something bad happen to him be the reason we saw the Android being consoled by Two in the flash forward?

JM: Could be. Could be. Again, anything is possible. 


STV: It kind of felt as the episode was winding down that Two felt something in regards to Shaw, but didn’t express it. Could she make some deeper connection with Shaw if they meet in the future, which I’m going to guess they probably will. Do you think there is a potential for them to strike up a relationship or is Two just too far different from Rebecca for Shaw to be able to see Rebecca in her?

JM: I think she’s very different, but you know, that may not very necessarily preclude the possibility of a relationship. I’m really hesitant to shut the door on any potential relationship this early on. Or basically, I should say I’m hesitant to commit to something either way in an interview this early on.


Well. It is…quite open, I suppose. I just hope he’s being honest in just what kind of possibilities they’re considering and not just giving lip service, you know?