I really like your story about your hijabi cousin XD

Thanks! She told the story when all us girls were gathered to get another cousin ready for one her wedding ceremonies (desi weddings tend to have at least four) and we all howled. The guy she married is usually all serious and stern and imagining him reacting like that was so hilarious. 😀 

Incidentally, that set of cousins all grew up and live in NYC, and it was all completely consensual. Their parents were the first gen immigrants and they offered their kids the chance to pick their own spouses (some of the cousins did take them up on that) but the cousin in the story was pretty serious herself, one of the older responsible kids who–well, she was kind of the Jane Bennet type, actually, that’s a good reference point, but they both did meet and agree first, of course. Knowing the kind of people they were made it all the better. 🙂 They have kids now and adore each other and them. 

Even though I get why the things that make the news do make the news, it’s not all forced marriages and honor killings, a lot of it is sweet and funny in its own, unique way.