This is a heads up that when that Confederate show starts coming out–the one about the South winning and slavery becoming a modern institution and alldat. Yeah, when it starts syndication, and I see any of you chucklefucks putting gifsets, meta, fic, etc on my fucking dash uncritically, I’m blocking you. Like, I don’t like announce blocking folks a lot but I’m deadass about this shit. This is the most insensitive, inept, uninspired, and unimaginative piece of shit fictional media I have ever seen given a greenlight…and it’s on a premium network (because no regular network would probably greenlight this shit).

My hope is that as this announcement gains steam, we can kill this shit before a pilot can even be filmed and test shots done. My hope is that people solicited for roles in this show turn this down and have some integrity to not support this ugly ass white people wet dream. My hope is that folks can have some fucking respect and decency but…I see how some of y’all be acting when shit like this happens.

So! If you start supporting that show’s ratings and putting shit on my dash uncritically, you’re getting blocked. And then I’m going to personally track you down and pop off on you, your moms, your pops, your spouse, your kid(s), AND take your pets.