Hey girl, did you ever get round to watching ‘Educating Yorkshire’?



No, not yet. I’ve got some other things on my to watch list and I haven’t even gotten around to watching them yet, I’ve been so busy this week.

a watch list! I should make a watch list and actually plan what I wanna watch and when

What, you don’t have even a rough list? You watch so much! I have like, lists of lists, going back years. 

For a while there, I used to update it with every single ep, like, if I decided to watch a series that was already out or if I fell behind a few weeks, I’d have each ep on the list. Then I switched to the number of eps I needed to watch for each series, then to the last ep for that series, and then I ended up revamping that completely and started keeping track of every ep I did watch, and now I basically just have the name of the series if I have any ep to watch from it at all. It works best, I think. For me anyway.