72% of 18 to 24 year olds voted in the UK elections yesterday.
Today, Theresa May faces a hung parliament (there is not clear winner with a majority) and a DECREASED number of seats when she called this election because she thought she could strengthen her majority.
And that, kids, is why we should vote. We make a fucking different. Today we could have been facing a country where our internet is monitored, our human rights are stripped away, and the most vulnerable in our society are disgustingly exploited by the government. Instead, now, there is HOPE.

I’m so proud of everyone who went out and voted. Even in the face of this godforsaken coalition with the DUP, you made a difference. Together their majority is only two seats. They’ll have to fight for every piece of legislation they try to pass. Every time they try to take away someone’s rights, someone’s healthcare, someone’s dignity, they’ll have to fight. They won’t have the country handed to them. You all did that. And this paves the way for the next election. Stay involved. Make their lives difficult. Don’t forget what you achieved today.