So, today, Marvel published issues of comics revealing that in fact the Nazis were always supposed to win World War 2, and the Allies invented the Cosmic Cube to rewrite history to prevent that from happening. Steve Rogers, the Steve Rogers that Jack Kirby and Joe Simon invented to punch Hitler and fight Nazis back before the US was even IN World War 2, that Steve Rogers is a fake, not the REAL Steve Rogers, not the original or the genuine article – he was always originally a HYDRA agent, always supposed to be a Nazi. 

That was released today. April 19th.

April 19th is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the largest Jewish revolt during World War 2, the first urban uprising in Nazi-occupied Europe, begun when the Nazis decided to completely wipe out the Warsaw Jews on Passover eve. Instead, the Jews held out for nearly a month, with whatever they could fight with. They inspired Jews across Europe, including those already in the camps, to organize and revolt. They’re honored to this day. 

And Marvel published their Nazi-stanning dumpster fire of a retcon today.