spicer said this shit during passover. like don’t believe for a second he made an innocent mistake, that he wasn’t aware of what he was saying.

like this is explicitly antisemitic and he clearly doesn’t understand why

he straight up doesn’t believe that German Jews were people

“he never used them on fellow Germans” the implication that german jewish ppl were somehow “not truly german” was quite literally at the core of nazi ideology, this is so incredibly mind-numbingly transparent.

By saying that he never used chemical weapons on “fellow Germans” (sean spicer’s words, not mine) he is basically saying that Jews/Romanis/gays/every other group targeted in the Holocaust weren’t German. Which is what Hitler was literally saying. He was saying that those people (even if they were German and their families had lived in Germany since…ever) weren’t German. And Sean Spicer is repeating that hateful ideology. That’s what was most offensive to me about this entire chemical weapons/Hitler saga. Not that he got the facts wrong about Nazi use of chemical weapons. That he validated and repeated Nazi ideology. Fuck this guy and this entire anti-Semitic administration.

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