i still hate the ending of the devil wears prada like yes QUITE YOUR HIGH PAYING JOB ON THE SPOT BECAUSE YOUR EX BOYFRIEND MADE YOU FEEL BAD



i hate her friends her stupid garbage friends who play keep away with her phone and laugh about how stressed she is and mock her fears of losing her job

i hate her stupid ratface diaper baby boyfriend who gives her the SILENT TREATMENT when she has to work late on his birthday, like a fucking toddler who is mad that he didn’t get to go to chuck e cheese

i love that movie but i HATE HATE HATE how her job in a highly competitive, creative, high-earning industry is treated like a dumb joke for vapid women who aren’t smart enough to have a “real” job 

angriest hissing

Ooh, this is where I recommend @telanu‘s excellent novel-length fic Truth and Measure. It’s so well-written and plotted and it all hinges on Andy NOT leaving. Almost immediately, her boyfriend and their friends are no longer part of her life. And it’s just a great look at Andy and that whole world without demeaning either. And there’s f/f romance.