What did you say? Heterosexuality is haram? Wtf. Hope it’s joke or something


– Noah’s wife was straight. Lot’s wife was straight. Pharaoh was straight. Literally every person who is punished ~by name~ in the Taurat, Injeel AND Qur’an were heterosexual. Coincidence?

– If Adam’s judgement wasn’t clouded by his heterosexuality we wouldn’t be in this worldly mess in the first place. IF Adam was gay like a normal person we never would have been kicked out of the garden.

– “Straight”/”Hetrosexual” are modern sociological constructs. Heterosexuality is bidah. 

– If heterosexuality is permissible then why are there gendered barriers in the masjid? Why are men allowed to expose their navels so wantonly amongst their brothers, but not amongst women?? HMMM?

The only straightness for true Muslims is as-sirat al-mustaqim.

It’s so obvious I don’t know how you can’t see it.

Heterosexuality is haraam. Obviously.