“i’m sad not to be with mon-el”


oh right i’m supposed to care abt mon-el for some reason

oh noooo it is so sad you’re not hooked up with the terrible boy, what a truly sad turn of events compared to what your friend j’onn is going through or whatever

Tell me what’s actually terrible about Mon-El. What’s the horrible thing he’s actually done beyond being a prince from another planet that’s slowly learning new customs

his first earth job was being a mob enforcer.

remember spider man’s bit abt ‘with great power comes great responsibility’? mon-el is the opposite of that. remember julian talking abt metas being given this amazing gift and squandering it on selfish hollow pursuits? mon-el. he’s a shallow selfish brat and he deserves a chance to better himself, i guess, but ‘terrible man learns how to be a decent person via a good woman’s unrequited emotional labor’ is a trap, not a meet-cute.

You must have forgotten the part where he QUIT DOING THAT and the part where he’s changing himself not just because of Kara but also because he clearly wants to be a better person for himself. Remember the whole ‘the prince wasn’t a person to be admired’ bit? Hm? Kara is the catalyst but she’s not the driving force anymore. Mon el wants to be a good person for himself, too.

You apparently are ignoring his ‘I know you don’t feel the same way and that’s okay, I just want to work with you and still be friends’ because clearly he cares about Kara and respects her. 

Wow a privileged former prince doesn’t know how to adjust to a new society where he’s not only just like everyone else but everyone is equal in status that’s SO SURPRISING

look at m’gann and then look at mon-el and then tell me what mon-el has actually done to earn a clean slate.

“he stopped hurting ppl” HE STILL DID IT THO. ‘show me the terrible thing he did, other than this one, bc it doesn’t count anymore’. THAT HE EVEN THOUGHT BEING A MOB ENFORCER WAS OKAY IS A WARNING SIGN. he hasn’t even acknowledged that what he did was wrong, let alone atoned for it. he hasn’t actually earned forgiveness yet. ‘i want to change, i mean well now’ is what bullies say when they get caught.

mon-el lived in a castle and thinks hurting ppl is acceptable behavior, he’s a tyrant, not a ‘spoiled prince’. saying he wants to change is not enough. he has to actually do it, otherwise he’s just gaslighting us.

I’m not saying he deserves a clean slate. I’m saying he doesn’t deserve to be dragged through the coals for acting like a confused spoiled prince from a vastly different society that is very, very slowly adapting. Who fucks up, gets called out on it, and changes because oh, maybe he SHOULDN’T act like this anymore.

And M’gann has been on earth much, MUCH longer than Mon-El. Hundreds of years longer. You can’t make the same comparison. 

And for one, he doesn’t deserve to be treated like some made up side character when he is, in fact, a comic canon character that goes by the moniker of Valor. He literally is a superhero. You realize that, right?

if i can’t compare mon-el to m’gann (who stopped hiding out in a bar right when mon-el arrived) then you can’t compare this mon-el to the mon-el in the comics he is NOTHING LIKE AT ALL. anyways, stop brushing off ‘mon-el hurt ppl for money’ as ‘he is from a strange society where hurting ppl is apparently totes okay, and he deserves our understanding’, as if that’s not actually worse. like, i get it, i //understand//. but understanding something is not the same as agreeing with it. bc, it’s not just NOT KNOWING THAT HURTING PPL IS WRONG, and also, that helping ppl is right, until kara pointed it out, that bothers me, it that he is generally selfish and thoughtless and saying ‘i want to not be a bully anymore’ is not the same as earning forgiveness.

This is honestly such an interesting look at how little performance actually has to happen for some characters to be redeemed for certain audiences. Mon-El, Hook from OUAT, Damon from the Vampire Diaries, Bellamy from The l00. If Kylo Ren is even presumed to want to be better, so much of the fandom will fall all over themselves to consider his redemption complete.