My President Is Black







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My boy !

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My President also has dignity, class, and deserves respect. Say it while we still can!

My President is Black. He is well-travelled and well-read and amazingly smart. He has been a college professor teaching the Constitution, and he has been a community organizer helping exploited communities get a bigger voice in politics, and helped to deal with the environmental racism that leaves massive lead deposit and toxic waste leavings in historically Black communities in the Chicago area.

My President is an eloquent writer who is open and straightforward about his bi-ethnic background, loving and caring to all sides of his family, and because of his travel as a child is very open-minded and empathetic to many cultures.

My President has been married to one woman since the mid 90s. She is also highly educated and qualified, and she was in fact once his boss for a little while. There has never been any suggestion of sexual impropriety or cheating, no one has ever accused either of assault. They have two daughters. I have no doubt that Barack and Michelle will fight to the death against anyone who tries to reduce Malia and Sasha to their sexual object value. (unlike our upcoming disaster, who seems fine with talking about his own daughters in terms of their sexual object value even when they were babies, and HOW FUCKING FUCKED UP IS THAT)

My President is Black. This is Black Love, Black Excellence, Black Family Values, Black Leadership. 

(I’m not Black. I say that because I want to stand up as a not-black person and say that the first Black president has been the best president in my lifetime, and I’m almost 50.)