Bidding is NOW OPEN


Bidding for Fandom Trumps Hate is officially open, as of 12AM EST, January 12! Bids that were placed before that time will not be counted.

How to bid:

  • Head over to @fandomtrumpshateofferings. There you will find hundreds of posts, one for every person offering items for auction.
  • The tagging system is explained here, but in brief: Each post is tagged with the contributor’s name, the type of fanwork, and the fandoms being offered. You can find a full list of fandom tags here – keep in mind that we are lumping everything in one series/universe/etc into one tag, so every version of Star Trek is in the “fandom: star trek” tag. Individual posts will specify which subfandom(s) the person is offering.
  • When you find an offer you’re interested, stop for a minute. Make sure you’ve read over the things they’d like to do and the things they’re not willing to do carefully. Contact the seller if you need more information (we go over times you should do this here, but basically if you have any needs more specific than are listed you should ask first).
  • Once you’re sure the seller can provide what you are looking for, check their bidding spreadsheet. This will tell you who has bid so far and how much. Bids placed before Jan 12 at 12AM EST can be ignored. See if you’re willing to pay more than the current highest bid.
  • If you are, go to their bidding form (you can’t alter the spreadsheet directly) and fill it out with your information (we require an email address to bid) and your bid. Remember that the higher your bid, the less likely you’ll be outbid. It may take up to 5 minutes for your bid to appear on the spreadsheet.
  • Bookmark, like, write down, or otherwise note the contributor post so that you can check back and see if you’ve been outbid. You will not be notified if you are outbid, so it is up to you to check and place a higher bid if you want.
  • Bidding ends at 11:59PM EST January 19. Bids places after this time will not be counted. We will contact the highest bidder for each auction via email, and they will send us proof that they have donated the amount of their bid to one of the charities specified in the post.