Have you seen Daastan? It’s my favourite Pakistani drama and also has fawad khan in it. And sanam Baloch is outstanding. And the romance is so beautiful- unlike the ones in humsafar and zindagi gulzar hai which I couldn’t really get in to. But it’s got a really sad story because it’s set during the partition but I would 100% recommend it!

It’s definitely on my list! But I am a huge baby when it comes to any Partition related media, for never having been exposed to it until I was in my late teens and being so shocked and horrified at it all. I haven’t even watched the movie Jinnah, it but that one music video to Azadi that used to play all the time? :/

I’m still not sure how I feel about the romance in Humsafar. Sometimes I’m like, he understood and he did his penance, at other times, yes, they are platonic partners raising a kid and that’s the best ending.