the Syrian dictator Assad, along with Putin, are about to completely massacre an entire city – Aleppo. the Syrian army has taken over 98% of the city. families are sitting together, praying, knowing any minute will be their last minute on earth. civilians are tweeting their last goodbyes, sending out last minute pleas for someone, anyone, to help.

imagine that. sitting with the people you love, holding each other, hearing nothing but their harsh breathing and the clash of bombs completely destroying your home, killing your neighbors, your friends, you. just imagine that. i cant, i really cannot.

the U.N. has already called Syria the worst humanitarian crisis in this century. experts are saying this massacre rivals that of WW2 (not to take away from the holocaust) in terms of how heinous and completely disgusting it is.

i’m not the best with words, with conveying me emotions. but please take a moment out of your time to acknowledge this, at least. this is the worst humanitarian crisis happening on Earth right now, according to the U.N. this is a breach of human rights, of all our rights. you should be concerned, in the least.