Meet Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. She funds an institute that wants to bring back child labor and get rid of public education.

Betsy DeVos is from my area (West Michigan) and let me tell you: she comes from not one, but two of the most corrupt, entitled, extreme conservative families in the area.

Something else, that I feel like people really should be aware of is that our state government (led, of course, by Rick Snyder of the ongoing Flint Water Crisis) just stated that literacy is not a right.

Yeah.  Literacy is not a right.

What happened is that some students in Detroit tried to sue the state because they have been denied access to literacy (through disinvestment and indifference to Detroit’s public schools).  And the official response is that state legislation only requires that there be a system of free public schools.  So yeah, there are schools.  Schools without money or resources.  But they’re there, and literacy is not a right (apparently).

Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos is a huge supporter of charter schools.  Which means that she’s strongly anti-public school.  She never went to public school, nor did any of her children.

Also: the DeVos family contributed over $9 million to the Tr*mp campaign.