Trump is an asshole 100%, but he had much better ideas than Hillary did. Don’t make this about her not being the first woman president or people being scared about getting their rights taken away because that can’t happen, Trump cannot take away anyone’s rights. Just stop with all of this hatred for Trump and his supporters. Hillary supporters are just as nasty as his are by harassing Trump supporters. Hillary is a better person, Trump is the better choice for America’s future.

How have I harassed Trump supporters? I’ve made literally one original post since the election, saying we shouldn’t let People magazine try to normalize this man through their fluff cover story. If that showed up on your dash, feel free to unfollow whoever put it there, especially if it’s me, because I have no idea what you could possibly have in common with people who don’t support Trump. 

I don’t care about anything you have to offer, and you certainly don’t care about anything we do. If we get through this without a huge loss of rights and progress, let alone lives, it won’t be because of a lack of trying. People will have fought against it, not you, I’m sure, but many others, who could have been fighting to actually move things forward, instead of trying to stop them from slipping back.

What are his great ideas? You’ve seen who he’s appointed. You’ve seen what he said before he was elected. You’ve seen how ill prepared he is to even be in the White House at all. 

I haven’t harassed Trump supporters but notice that YOU came to MY inbox. Unfollow us. Cut off ties. You have put us in literal danger. What could you possibly have to offer to make your company worth it? I don’t care what you have to say about anything, about f/f, about kittens, about space, about video games, about anything. I have been very quiet on here over my years on Tumblr, posting gifsets and reblogging other posts, but I will say right now that if you supported Trump and aren’t doing everything to stop him now, I do think you deserve nothing good. Fuck you and yours for the rest of your lives.