Call Your Dang Reps


just stumbled into a prime example of a local action I could take that
matters right this instant. This afternoon @thedeadparrot tweeted a link
to an article about a Boston city councilor who yesterday expressed his
desire to make Boston a “sanctuary city” immigrants, i.e. defy Trump
& co. by barring local law
enforcement from initiating or participating in deportation actions.

googled the City Council’s phone number, called, and got put through to
an aide right away. Here follows an illuminating conversation:

Hi, my name is [Stulti]; I’m a resident of [neighborhood]. I just read
in the Herald that Tito Jackson wants to make Boston a sanctuary for
immigrants. I’m calling to express my support.
Aide, choking a little:
Yes, I want Boston to do everything possible to protect immigrants, documented or not.
You’re actually the first person to call in support of that.
Aide: It’s been a rough day.
Oh, jeez. Well, I hope it improves. I feel very strongly about this issue.
Aide: Thank you for calling.
Me: Thank you. Hang in there. Bye.

of the story: There are legislators out there right now, trying to get
the damage control in motion. They’re being harangued by, at a guess,
right-wing retirees with nothing better to do. Plug their numbers into
your phones and even the score.

no one on your city council has proposed such a measure, call to
suggest it. I’ve been told phoning is best, but if telephones give you
hives, send an email.