i know trump’s victory is extremely concering but there’s another urgent issue that we (especially koreans) have to focus on:


soon south korean president park geunhye may agree to the GSOMIA (general security of military information agreement) pact with japan. japan is now pushing for an agreement in case park geunhye resigns.

they say it’s for the “protection” of south korea from north korea’s nuclear weapons but THIS IS THE EXACT SAME SHIT THAT JAPAN HAD ONCE PROMISED A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. they are using our “safety” as an excuse to take military control over us. 

do you know about the terrible japanese colonisation that had made thousands of koreans suffer? it’s about to happen again.

please, please search 한일군사정보보호협정 on naver.com to raise more awareness among koreans and let the korean government know that this CANNOT happen. we have to do everything we can. our ancestors did not sacrifice themselves for a freedom that would last south korea no longer than one hundred years. i literally have goose bumps as i’m typing this. please, please, please just copy and paste 한일군사정보보호협정 on naver. we were able to stop this once back in 2012, let’s stop this again. we are under a HUGE threat at the moment. this is serious. this is urgent. this is terrifying.