Actually, Hillary won this election. Voter suppression is real. Be careful as the people on the left start attacking others on the left instead of blaming the GOP lawmakers who dismantled the Voting Rights Act. Pay attention to who centers themselves (white people? white men?) and who they blame because it’s usually POC and women. And we know now that black women SHOWED UP while white men and women didn’t. I’m a white woman and I’m absolutely disgusted with how many white women voted for Trump. So think before you start assessing blame. Think before you let white men blame POC/women for this loss.

And…sorry, but climate change? While that’s an issue, yes, especially in how less restrictions give companies free rein to pollute in ways that will hurt specific vulnerable groups, I feel the issue is a lot larger than how climate change affects Zach. Who felt the best way to get across his point was yelling at his older black female boss in a crowded room.