How to change a view?


In the wake of the US election, as well as many other events in other countries recently where we’re seeing a definite shift to the right and to extremism, one that isn’t just silent and private, but open and active, I think many people will find themselves trying to change things in any way they can, one of them being going to the source of the problem and trying to change some very deeply held problematic views.

What follows after the cut is a collection of tips I’ve gathered as a moderator and active member of an online community with more than 250 000 members, one specifically geared towards changing views. Not just a place to debate and yell at each other, but a place where people come specifically to have their views changed (sometimes they actively want to change views that are damaging to them in some way, and sometimes they’re simply open to that change, but still firmly believe in being right.)

I have been at this for two years now. We’re cooperating with college professors who give their students assignments that consist of actively participating in our community. We’ve had studies written about us. I have seen people do a 180 on incredibly emotional social issues – be it race, sexuality, gender, abortion, rape culture, religion, politics in general, etc – more times than I can count. I see it every single day and this is not an exaggeration.

I hope you’ll find it helpful and if you do, consider reblogging so more people see it.

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