i am already mourning for those in the disability community who will die. people i know personally will likely die. people in my little cripple punk circles are already fearing for their lives
the heartbreak that i’m feeling is overwhelming

That’s fucking ridiculous!  Trump isn’t doing a damned thing to prevent their getting treatment.  In fact, he’s rescuing heath care access for all.  Hillary Clinton wanted you dependent on government handouts that she could cut at any time.  She wanted to further the failed Obamacare.  Most disabled people couldn’t afford either those premiums or deductibles.  She and Obama were the ones endangering their lives.

people are going to lose the only coverage they could afford. people are going to die. go fuck yourself.

When they cut the ACA, I expect to end up going to 2-4 funerals in the next few years for preventable, senseless deaths.  That’s counting only the folks I know who need constant, immediate medication and treatment to stay alive.  I can’t say how bad it will get for folks who fight depression or other conditions that lead to suicide when left untreated, or how many friends have serious conditions you might be “ok-ish” without medication for a few months or a year or two before things like organ failure or heart attack kick in.

Aside from the blatantly wrong and lying “ACA is bad” crowd, I’m also feeling extra “Fuck you” to the “It’ll be ok” side on the left.  A lot of people are going to die, and it’s not going to be ok for them.  “We survived Bush, we’ll survive this” doesn’t apply here.  They’re going to be dead.