And…it’s here! The lottery for the first 100 books is officially open! Send us an email at the following address:

Please include your NAME and the COUNTRY you live in within the body of the email.

Any email sent to us within the next 48 hours will be entered. If we get an email after 2pm PST on Friday then unfortunately, we won’t be including it in the list.

Here are some reminders/rules to keep in mind:

1) After the 48 hour window, we’ll generate the list of 100 addresses and email those chosen. You’ll have 72 hours to donate $30 to The Trevor Project and email us the receipt along with your shipping address. If we don’t hear back from you, unfortunately, we’ll give your spot away to someone else.

2) This is not the only chance to get this. We’ll be launching a GoFundMe for a 2nd batch soon – this is just a chance to get it first. A few details on the GoFundMe can be found on a previous post and we will update with more details as we get closer to launch.

3) All shipping – domestic and international – will be standard shipping. If you want to pay for an expedited shipping method, let us know.

4) Another note we wanted everyone to know: we understand that not everyone lives in an environment that is supportive. Please know that the return address for these envelopes will have the name “Clarke Griffin” so you will know what it is for and there will be no mention of LGBT anywhere on the packaging. We just wanted to put that out there in case anyone was worried.

That about covers it for now. We’ll post more info on the GoFundMe soonish and will update when the lottery closes.