Any pakistani drama recs? I’m actually enjoying what little I’ve watched of humsafar with my mother. The acting is fab. I’m so far removed my own culture that I never thought Pakistani drama’s would ever sway me a very bi atheist Pakistani.

Right? Humsafar’s really pretty impressive. I feel like one of the side stories is a touch overwrought and the middle’s tough to watch (not because it’s bad but because Khirad goes through some times, man), but I totally put it up with some of my favorite TV shows from the last few years. The acting and writing were superb. I think it was actually what ushered in this recent renaissance of Pakistani dramas, although of course there’ve always been good shows here and there. The other big one that goes hand in hand with it is Zindagi Gulzair Hai. And really, Dastaan, about the Partition, was made even before.

I used to watch some dramas as a kid, but I don’t know if they’ve aged particularly well, although Vaneeza in anything always made it 100 times better. Actually, I’m doing a disservice to Paki TV, a lot of it’s coming back to me now.

I remember other shows, but it’s tough to find them in good quality now. Ask your mom if she’s seen Sunehrey Din or Parosi. 🙂 There was this one interesting recent drama with an unusual (for Pakistan) storyline, Mohabbat Aag Si (and it has a great OST).

I’m still awaiting ANYTHING gayish in Pakistan, because everything is so painfully heterosexual, and the men can be SO terrible, like, abusively possessive and jealous is supposed to be romantic, but I’m not sure that’ll happen in my lifetime. For now, I’ll accept just getting good drama, and when they get characters right, they can be so good.

If anyone else has recommendations, please feel free to add. 🙂