A Pledge to the LGBTQ Fandom



Over the last few weeks, the LGBT Fans Deserve Better movement has been advocating to achieve real change in the quality of LGBTQ representation in the media, giving hope to the LGBTQ community everywhere –that our stories matter and our lives are important. 

In an attempt to create such a change and to improve the representation of the LGBTQ community in the media, the writers and producers of the CTV Network show Saving Hope co-created a pledge to the LGBTQ Fandom. 

Sonia Hosko and Noelle Carbone were in the writers room when the ‘bury your gays tropes’ discussion had reached a focal point on Social Media. The Saving Hope crew were incredibly supportive, wonderful, open minded people who were really willing to listen and understand the problem and get behind a solution. After sitting down and taking into consideration what LGBTQ fans wanted to see in terms of change in representation, as well as things which were clearly unacceptable and needed to be voiced, all the creators of the pledge came together to put together to put together a list of 7 points which we believe will allow change as well as prevention in future writing of LGBTQ characters. 

The entire Saving Hope writers room set precedent as the first to sign the pledge, showing the LGBTQ community that they are ready to take this journey with us and most importantly we have been heard. 

LGBTQ representation is a complex issue that requires multi-layered solutions. Change is not an easy task. But with continued coverage, what started as backlash over Commander Lexa’s mishandled, trope-ridden on-screen death, has the potential to grow into a culture-shifting power: This movement has gone beyond the realms of fandom and into mainstream media, a vital step that has added strength and legitimacy to young LGBTQ voices.

lgbtfansdeservebetter.com  is honored to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with its creators to present to you the Pledge to the LGBTQ Fandom, an important step towards achieving this goal.