friendly reminder that:


  • as cute as this was, red kansas was only for a silencing tactic
  • if a&e truly cared about LGBT people, they wouldn’t have made their “representation” side characters after five seasons
  • adam and eddy can keep their tokens
  • DON’T KEEP QUIET. tell adam and eddy they can do better. tell them we aren’t satisfied.
  • don’t hate on the actresses, they did a great job, and this isn’t their fault.
  • don’t hate on the bitter fans (especially SQ!!!), they deserve more, and this isn’t their fault.
  • adam and eddy have made it to where when SQers complain about how basic this “representation” is, the fandom will blame them for being angry and making it “all about their ship”. this is LITERALLY manipulation. don’t play into their games by helping them silence us. you’re better than this. 
  • whether you ship swan queen or not, this wasn’t representation. this was poorly written, with random side characters, and literally the only couple other than snowing (which, considering their ship literally sails itself, doesn’t really count) that got a TLK within one episode. do you really think that’s good writing? do you really think it deserves recognition? 

Like, EVEN IF this wasn’t the crummiest crumb in five YEARS after audience interest in, to name just a few ships that were given time and interest, Swan Queen, Red Beauty, Sleeping Warrior, SeaDevil, and of course Red Warrior, EVEN IF, Mulan hadn’t been the hinted at queer character for a few seasons now and ended up as the character to once again sit back and watch somebody else get a happy ending, making her the PoC that at least lives on Once, but gets no nothing, even if these hadn’t been major issues in themselves, which they both are, and each alone would make me dislike the way this unfolded…don’t we get romance? Don’t we get buildup? Don’t we get to invest ourselves, see a fairytale? Functionally, what was different from this ep and any ole Lesbian Sweeps Kiss ep, something introduced in the ‘90s?