What she says: I’m fine
What she means: How can Liv and Ravi NOT end up together? Okay, get this. We’ve seen Liv fall in love with Lowell only to question their relationship because there was no foundation. They weren’t friends. If Liv wasn’t a zombie they wouldn’t be together. And Major. They’re friends, but he can’t accept her being a zombie. Can’t accept that she changes with each brain, but she’s still herself. HOWEVER, Ravi has single handedly been there for Liv through it all. He is her best friend. They have the inside jokes, the teasing, the loyalty. And you know what else Ravi does? Understands. He’s made it clear that Liv is Liv, not the current brain she happens to be using. He’s even tried cheering up Major by saying “She just needs to eat another brain.” Okay? He’s cool with it. Without him, Liv is nothing. Nothing. And who has dedicated himself to finding a cure for zombie-ism? that’s right. Ravi has. He’s tried so hard. And willing to keep trying. For Liv. It’s all for Liv. And I can’t even believe for a second that this show might reduce these two to nothing more than a quirky friendship I swear to god. Just fukc me uP