the reason this one feels different is because abbie had one trait that none of the others had. she was the hero of the story.

even if you don’t think there’s a vile strain of homophobia running through the industry at the moment, whether or not you believe women of color are woefully underrepresented on tv, no matter what your feelings about about misogyny as a motivator for people’s actions, you cannot deny a crap load of women have died on tv lately.

but abbie’s different, because she was the hero of the story and the story ends when the hero dies.

and for a show to kill its hero and go on without her, what they’re really telling people is she was never really the hero. it literally doesn’t matter why they did it. it just does. not. matter. because they’ve told us now that in the story they’re telling, abbie was so unimportant that they could do without her.

fuck you, sleepy hollow.