“I’m straight and can’t relate” (1/∞)

I hate straight ppl lmao

This is the kind of thing that irritates me. These people lack an understanding about what it means to be queer and to express queer love in a world that doesn’t accept it. They had to be distant with each other because of the serious repercussions if anyone knew of their relationship. Their love could, and was, used against them. They couldn’t do grand romantic gestures that people are so used to in films about love because in the 1950s that just wasn’t accepted between two people of the same gender. They couldn’t shout their love from the rooftops, they couldn’t get down on one knee and publicly propose, all they had were the small touches and glances because even admitting what they felt to themselves was hard, and they knew if they made a mistake there would be serious consequences. Straight people just don’t know that self doubt surrounding love because their love is accepted and ‘normal’ and they never have to fear it.

Yeah, it’s very obvious that neither one of these reviewers has an ounce of consideration for the discrimination LGBTQ+ people faced back then. (And in many countries still do today.)

And honestly I find it incredible and hilarious that the only scene the Straights seemingly can relate to is when Carol and Harge are literally finalizing their divorce.
I wonder why that is.