love that you’re finally giving in to the 100! enjoy the ride!

Thanks! I hope to. 🙂 Actually, I already have been for a while through my dash. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably have seen I have kind of an odd relationship with the show, but that kneel, man.

I’m seeing a lot of the other typically f/f fan holdouts deciding to get into it too now. The kiss was great, but the one-off kiss for ratings/cred is something we’ve all seen before, with no payoff, but the kneel was…so much. Just sinking down, back straight, eyes up, in the candlelight, and pledging everything to Clarke, after everything that’d already happened and their respective positions and who they are as people, and it was just so much. It really was incredibly romantic and epic and to have it tie up with the main plot and be between two women and…this is the kind of thing we’ll tune in for.