I wish I had had someone like Rowan Blanchard when I was 14

no!!! yall need to understand this!!!

a 14 year old front woman for Disney Channel just openly said she was queer

Rowan is an extremely educated and outspoken person for her age and was actually named Feminist of the year along w Amandla Stenberg

and she just says and posts some risky shit for someone who’s on a Disney show but I never in a million years thought she would come out even if i had some hopes of a young Disney star coming out while still on the network, i did not think it would happen, realistically. but she just flippin did it less than 2 hours ago via twitter. and she did it so casually i feel like maybe my fever is affecting my brain and im hallucinating??

Girl Meets World just had an episode about feminism and became the firt disney show to have a character self proclaim themselves as a feminist, i’ve got my fingers crossed for it to be the first disney show with main characters part of the queer community.