It appears that I am distributing WOF again.



What is this WOF you speak of, you ask?

So a long time ago, I started a series of original fantasy novels under the general heading “Women On Fire.” I did not know at the time that this was the name of a very popular Christian women’s organization. I called it that because it was about a created world in which there were women who could actually bring fire out of their bodies and use it to do magic in a much more literal and concrete kind of way. By 2005 I had written five novels in this series: Taken Child, Another Country, Darkness Bright, Better To Burn, and Redemption

I spent a few years trying to find a publisher for them. I got farther along in the process than I would have imagined I could have; but I did not get far enough. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that I would never get far enough. I was unwilling to make the changes that the industry seemed to demand. Also, all of these novels, while I believe they contain many beauties, are 

a) very long 

b) full of lesbians  

c) largely devoid of sexytimes (for a while). 

Also, they break various rules that people have for the fantasy genre, and there is just a general lack of attention paid to straight male characters. (I mean there are some, and I love some of them, but they’re secondary. Tertiary, really.)

If you are interested to hear more about these novels, I invite you to come below the cut tag. Otherwise, good luck to you, and you can avoid ever seeing anything about these books by blocking my WOF tag.

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If you like:

  • long, satisfying reads
  • lesbians being awesome (and also some straight women being awesome, and women of undetermined sexual orientation being awesome)
  • fascinating fantasy religion
  • trenchant and hilarious sociopolitical commentary
  • beautiful love stories
  • that will sometimes break your heart (but also fix it) (mostly) (watch out for Better to Burn, is all I’m saying)

Just read it. This is my favorite series of books, despite being unpublished, and I have read them over more times than I can count.