I was wondering what do you think of Donna not being a fan of Lino’s girlfriend (I’m drawing a blank on her name!)? I liked the scene between Donna and Lino’s gf in the car. I was just wondering why Donna seems to be just annoyed by her, I wonder if there’s more to it? Or, maybe I’m looking too much into it! Thanks!! :)

I honestly hadn’t put much thought into that until you brought it up. Donna seemed to hate her from the start, probably rubbed her the wrong way back when Donna was all sensitive about her (hilarious) ineptitude with the iguana. I didn’t think there was anything more to it, just two strong personalities that didn’t mesh, though I liked the convo in the car too.

I really don’t think there’s anything more to it, like jealousy over Lino, though obviously we’ve been burned before. Lino and Donna have a GREAT friendship, because normally you’d think Donna would be too impatient to put up with someone like him, but she definitely has a soft spot for him and he respects the hell out of her and would do anything for her. Even Donna and Orla having that little talk was because Lino wanted Donna to be okay and Donna was willing to put up with it because Lino was the one asking. But I guess we will see. And I hope Donna and Alice are okay! I’m so sad that Alice’s first spoken line on the show was said in a fight, and all the way in ep 7…but I can’t disagree that living like that must suck, so I don’t know where things will go.