A lot of news on Tumblr about recent tragedy that has been happening is hours old, and a lot of the actions because of it are distorted too. So here’s links to clear up a lot of these things:

Japan – No immediate reports of injury/damage in Japan. Tsunami advisory was lifted 90 minutes after being put in place. Also reported there was also no threat of a Tsunami from the quake. 2011 was the year when a Tsunami killed 18,000 people, not this year.  (x) (x)

Mexico – They are fine. No reports of immediate damage/injury. (x)

Paris – Eiffel Tower turns it’s lights of every night to save electricity, the GIF of it going dark dates back to January. If the lights went off for victims of yesterday’s attack then at the time, the attack would’ve still been happening. (x)

Donald Trump – Let me make this clear; I am not defending him here, this is to clear up something. His disgustingly gross tweet about gun control in Paris dates back to the Charlie Hedbo attack. (his real tweet from last night is included but he’s still scum) (x) Although his tweet about boming oil fields, and people not laughing about the idea now was last night which is disgusting to try and make some kind of joke/comment about that.

“Not Afraid” Photos – Those photos date back to January when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened. (x)

Tumblr isn’t a trusted news source for these recent events, and past events aftermaths. Go to the BBC, Associated Press, Reuters for trusted news of current situations in Paris especially.

Ps- I wanted to help THIS post out too with spreading some reliable information 

And to add in since I’ve seen a post about it, there is something going on in South Korea and here’s the most recent article I’ve found on it. Protesters have been assaulted by police with tear gas and water cannons. A post I saw mentioned people being killed but so far nothing confirmed that that I’ve seen.