fyeahcodeblack is up and running!


I am oh so excited to be starting a central place for the fandom! I am hoping that now that there is a central place for the fandom more gif and various editors will come forward. If you would like to start making edits, I have a link for screencaps under the links section of the blog. 

 I will be checking tags and reblogging anything that has to do with the show and the cast. Text posts, gifs, pictures anything. Unless it is bashing the actor or the show. 

Please whenever you make any kind of post about Code Black please tag it fyeahcodeblack so it is easy for me to see.

I will also be checking the character tags, cbs code black & codeblackedit. 

I am also debating on having 1 or 2, maybe 3 (if there are some really good applicants) co-admins. Preferably those who can make edits (doesn’t have to be gifs) or fanfics, fanvids. Anything. 

But even if you can’t do that you can still apply.

  1. Give me a follow @jamesaubreyfbi if you are interested. And submit to me there: 
  2. your name, 
  3. preferred pronouns, 
  4. age,
  5.  how often you’ll be able to update & post
  6.  your favorite character & ship if you have one (code black of course) 
  7. a link to any edits you’ve done (they don’t have to be fancy).
  8. one fun fact about you.
  9. the email address you use for tumblr.