Honestly I think I’m going to stop watching Quantico- I mean it’s only taken 5 episodes and its lost all its glammer for me. I thought I’d share my thoughts here

  • I don’t like any of the character anymore- beyond Alex and Miranda I don’t like them
  • Caleb makes me want to throw up. He literally disgusts me, and is such a creepy manipulative person and I can’t stand him especially since imply that he has a sad background which makes it all okay
  • White Man Teacher is freaky and obviously has done something bad and is stupid if he can’t figure out Alex has been framed also that they imply he has a relationship with Alex is creepy because he’s her superior
  • Simon’s like Caleb but a little less creepy- I mean pretending to be gay? Weird and offensive but of course some sad sob story makes it all okay
  • Booth or whatever his name is is also super creepy because he knowingly pursues Alex and cultivates a relationship with her even though he is spying on her and its a lie??? Okay, again creepy
  • Literally every dude is creepy
  • I wish Caleb had died in the pilot and they gave the Mormon boy a new role because he might have been interesting
  • Technically Nimah/Raina haven’t done anything wrong but I think the writers don’t use them that well- like why would you have them take off their hijab to kiss Simon do you even understand Islam? (I’m going to say no)
  • Literally every women is characterized by her relationship with men- Alex (Booth/Her Dad/ White Teacher Man), Shelby (Her Father/Creeper Caleb), Nimah/Raina (Simon), Miranda (Her son), Alex’s Mom (Her husband/White Teacher Man), Angry Girl (Her baby’s dad)
  • Meanwhile the men all have storylines outside their relationships with women but at the same time they all have sad backstories to justify their stalker/creepiness 
  • Angry Girl could be interesting except the literal only things we know about her is that she is angry and kinda bitchy to the other trainees (plus she doesn’t have her baby)
  • Literally get rid of Caleb, Simon, Booth, White teacher man and keep the ladies in their roles and it would be so great
  • I mean I will probably google later on who the bomber is just to find out but otherwise I have no desire to watch this anymore
  • why did you have to ruin it already ???

Co-signed. I had low expectations before the show started and then really liked the pilot, but I’m just so turned off with (almost) everything it’s choosing to be. Caleb is disgusting but keeps on being presented as sympathic by the end of the ep, I’m kind of stunned where they went with Simon on the faking, disappointed but not surprised about how the twins are being handled, and agree with all the other points above.

I appreciate a lot of the things it’s trying and Priyanka is still super cool but I wonder if this is supposed to be like that whole OitNB Trojan Horse thing where to get a central brown lady and a bunch of WoC and look at terrorism and racial profiling from this angle, they had to allow a bunch of offensive soapy sensationalist drama.