this is a network for lesbian, bi, or pan filipinx girls.

to join, you need to:

fill out this really short application

reblog this post


this blog is for every wlw filipinx, so there is no requirement other than to be a filipinx girl who experiences attraction for other girls. however, my intention for this blog is to be a safe space for everyone, so if any of the following applies to you then please don’t bother sending an application because it will not be considered:

  • you are a twerf/twef/terf
  • you are anti self diagnosis / ableist
  • you are fatphobic
  • you call yourself a weeaboo / koreaboo / fetishize east asians, or any race at all
  • you have any lesbophobic/biphobic beliefs or opinions (and yes you can have those despite being lgbt yourself)
  • you use slurs that you can’t reclaim

again, since i want this to be a safe space for everyone, you are not required to follow everyone in the network. your comfort and safety comes first! you don’t have to follow anyone you don’t want to. however! updates, selfies, informative posts, and any other stuff relating to the blog will be posted on @wlwfilipinx, so you have to follow that so you can keep updated on what’s going on. send me your blacklist or a list of your triggers so i can tag everything appropriately !


  • make friends and meet other wlw filipinx !
  • a support group for fellow wlw filipinx 
  • group chat so you can talk to other wlw filipinx
  • basically women loving women filipinx really what more can u ask ! !

there is no limit to the amount of people that will be accepted into the network, but please be patient as i will be checking every applicants and that will take time !

@expurgetvinceret I think this might be of interest to you?