Responses to the TRMD post earlier.

youhavenotseenmyvengence said: I
think the whole conversation with Batchi about the PI she hired to look
for Tommy was supposed to hint at Althea looking for something valuable
he took. Coz I don’t think she’d hire a PI to look for him just to see
his stupid face.

Yeah, that was the most solid indication something else was going on, but a son! Her demeanor was more someone frazzled about money, not defeated and desperate about losing her chance on something so important.

Anonymous said:
agree with you about what you said regarding TRMD, the writer showed
how lacking she is with that out of nowhere kid storyline, the fact that
she had to tell people on social media that there were hints shows that
no one caught her hints.  Also who the hell calls their dog after their
missing child? And why didn’t Althea ever mention him with anyone? I am
with you that i’ll never recommend this show again to anyone lesbians
with husbands kids is not exactly a pleasant plot.

Naming your dog after your missing kid is so preposterous. I don’t understand
how that was a hint, and to call it such is almost insulting. Althea never bringing up the situation in the most natural of conversations was definitely a deliberate decision to drive up the impact of the reveal, but I feel it has failed. We’re supposed to have an aha moment as things previously hinted or suggested at fall into place, not unhappily confused and seeing how out of character it is.

I don’t personally care about the part with a lesbian having a husband and a kid, that’s part of her past and background. It’s just that its impact on the present is being handled in all the wrong ways.

lazycheskie said: I
feel you. I can’t drop the show either.  I love the characters, &
the actors too much. especially the actors. I really do want to support
them in everything they do. should’ve known tho. classic soap move. just
thought this would be different

My problem isn’t how out there it is as a soap trope or even that there’s a surprise kid at all, I just wish it’d been written better and not hurt Althea’s character so much.

Anonymous said:
booasaur, just wanted to say I totally agree with you about your latest
TRMD post. I’m so disappointed that the show showed such amazing
promise at the start and now has taken a really shitty turn with this
new, dumb storyline. I’m now too embarrassed to recommend this show to
anyone. I only keep tabs on it via tumblr now because the actresses have
been respectful to the LGBT community and are doing the best they can
even with the limitations censorship and bad writing has placed on them.

Yeah, I think that’s why I’m taking it so hard, it could have been so good, and it HAS been really good in places, the chemistry and interactions, the Tanchincgo siblings, Jade and Amanda. But then, everything good that we’ve seen was written and acted knowing that this would come, nothing has really changed behind the scenes. Hopefully we’ll get a lot more of the good that we liked to outweigh the bad. I’m not the type of person to enjoy hate-watching things, so I’ve basically had to brainwash myself to wrench around my
thinking on this and acceptance of it, but it’s either that or stop watching something I really liked.