Re: the Texas pool party incident:


The most disgusting part for me was the violent treatment of the young Black girl by the white cop. Like someone on my twitter feed mentioned, there are sexually violent undertones to the ordeal and they need to be discussed. There is no justification for any adult male identifying person dragging an underage, bikini clad (not that attire matters but, just go with it for a sec), girl and then forcing his knee into her back, shifting his weight onto her as a means of control. He blamed her for what she was experiencing as she cried hysterically, writhing in pain.

We don’t talk about what lawful brutality looks like targeted at Black women enough. That young girl was nearly naked being forced into submission by a man who had no rhyme or reason to touch her. And all of this occurred while her peers and other adult men stood helpless. Who’s going to be concerned for her wellbeing going forward and how is she supposed to recover from this instance of male physical contact so early in life? How long do we as women of color have to live through the plight of being brown in addition to the thick fog of misogyny obscuring our view?

My stomach hurts.