…the 4th and 5th gif subtitle changes the context though. It makes it seem like she never had any attraction to david… which in tagalog, she alluded that she did way back in the day “akala ko si david lang/ i thought david was the only one (for me)”. Or maybe when she says “real” it might mean “real love”, alluding that she was attracted to him… but it was not real love, it was just puppy love… which she did mention to her parents in ep 3 i think

Hmm. Sometimes I’m too lazy to blend the lines and will just grab some lines from one source, and in this, it was the official translation. Those lines I grabbed verbatim from the official, kind of surprised, actually, usually I’ll tweak them a bit, but those were pretty much exact:

I dunno, I guess since I’d seen both versions I didn’t think too much of it and thought they put the same-ish meaning across, but if you think I should change the text on the gifs, lazycheskie, I’m willing to do that.