First episode of TRMD is out!!! :)

I know! I sneaked in a viewing on my phone at work and cannot waaaait to get home. Or to watch with subtitles so I can, you know, understand.

It was so cheesy and cute, omg, and the IMAY parallels continue. Jade was so smitten, good lord. That’s what outing your brother and denying the existence of soulmates will do, karma’ll get you with a vengeance. I hope one day in the distant future when they’re all settled and married, Althea will be able to mortify Jade by letting her know how she has the same tastes as her lecherous old uncle.

It moved really fast though, I was surprised. I thought the bits in the trailer and teasers would be spread over at least a few weeks, but they seem to be rushing into this. I guess they just want to get to the part where the father makes the offer, so I’m apprehensive about how quickly this little romance will begin, flourish, and end, but I’m strongly assuming they’re still the end game and will work through all the angst. It’s interesting, the getting together will only be the start, the actual plot won’t just be gay panic + coming out + happy ending as with most gay romance (well, I mean, most ACTUALLY seem to involve death or some other tragedy, but you know what I mean) but a whole other actual drama. It’s kind of refreshing.