Toronto Webseries Casting Trans Role


Hey tumblr. I’m putting out the bat signal re: something important to me, and I’d love if you could listen up and maybe boost the signal and help me out.

I’m in the middle of casting my new webseries The Soliloquies of Santiago in Toronto, and one of the roles we’re casting is a closeted pre-transition transwoman (18-24). The character when we meet them is living as a man, but won’t be by the end of the arc, and I promise – this won’t be another unhappy ending bit of tragedy porn. The character is a major supporting part, though not the lead, and the arc they go through belongs to them. I’d love to do that with a trans actor in the role. The role is paid and the actor would need to be nonunion.

We’ve seen some fantastic cis actors for the role so far, but we know how important it is to cast trans actors in trans roles. It’s tricky because the character is closeted, so if we have a trans actor in the role, it’d have to be pre-transition. 

If you’ve ever looked as a trans character played by a cis actor and been angry or disappointed, please signal boost this. We know how important it is to cast trans actors in trans roles, but if we can’t find someone, we will have to cast this role with a cisgender actor.

If you know someone – or if you are a Toronto-based trans actor who fits the bill! – please email and we can send you our casting breakdown with more details.

If you don’t know someone, if you’re completely detached from ‘the industry’ but still care about casting trans roles with trans actors, please reblog. The more you boost our signal the more chance we have to cast a trans actor in this role.

Also going to end this post with a question mark so people can ‘answer’. Here we go?