Updated: 2100 GMT – May 2


If you are not already reblogging PSAs to
help your friends/followers receive word about safety
during this wave of neo-Nazi cyberbullying, please do so.  This warning is now officially in effect for all POC, Muslims, and other groups likely to be targeted by White supremacists, in addition to Jews and Rroma.

includes neo-Nazi URLs to block and things to do to avoid being exposed
to triggers.  There have been a number of these fucks using the submit
feature to send graphic gore and threatening violence in any way they can
.  This has been happening with increased frequency since
Yom HaShoah, the Jewish day of mourning for those we lost in the

At minimum–and we should not have to do this, but staff is doing jack shit to protect us–all Jewish, Rromani, and otherwise at-risk users should take the following precautions:

1) Turn off anonymous asks

2) Turn off the options to submit photos, videos, or audio

3) Block the following users–

Keep an eye out for the crossed-out URLs as they may resurface. Do NOT hoard inactive URLs.

not sure how many of these blogs are actively harassing people, but better safe than
sorry.  I do NOT advise looking at their pages, only blocking them and
reporting them.
They may have viruses, among other things.

  • heilkitler
  • frodolivesdotjpeg (via jewish-privilege)
  • myviolentheart5 (via antisemitic)
  • gas-the-kikes
  • gas-all-the-kikes
  • monvrchmind
  • mom-san
  • dead-kike
  • dead-jews
  • kike-masacre
  • kike-shower-time
  • icenes
  • 21st-century-goebbels
  • purewhitebeauty
  • stopwhitegenocide
  • kick-the-kike
  • freedomofspeechsaysrapeallkikes
  • kike-decapitator
  • todes-engel
  • dead-kikes
  • more-dead-kikes
  • all-kikes-die
  • deadkikes
  • destroy-all-kikes
  • aryan-doll
    aryandoll STOP HOARDING THE URL (ally)
  • shower-anon  STOP HOARDING THE URL (ally)
  • roasted-kikes
  • six-million-dead-kikes
  • other URLs via jewish-privilege (update pending; not all are White supremacists, just antisemitic)

For those URLs which cannot be blocked via your settings, I recommend blacklisting them in xKit or whatever other blocking extention you have installed.

Again, please do NOT hoard inactive/deactivated Nazi URLs.

If you reblog this, please take all of the above precautions.

They are sending gore and graphic threats of violence no matter who you are if you
spread the word.  The entire point is to harm marginalized groups
and scare off our allies.

We are down a substantial number of URLs, but we need to stay vigilant. This may be a temporary let-up before we get hit with another wave.  We
cannot allow Tumblr to continue its de facto support of neo-Nazis and
White supremacists.  Even if we successfully remove the current
harassers, this may happen again unless we take action to change the
status quo.

Here’s how you can help:

I will be regularly updating the original post & reblogging the newest version. 

If you need to reach me with a tip, please tag me in a post–in this order:

  1. neo-Nazi/White supremacist’s URL
  2. @hanslovinde

I request this order because it will help me avoid visiting one of their blogs.  If you do not tag me this way, I will NOT be able to use the information.

Per deskgirl:

Here’s a tip for blocking people who are actively changing their URLs because
I have had to track people down this way: check the username in
Tumblr’s tags and searches. Have a friend do it for you if necessary.
Try to find an ask. (Bless people who tag or have apps that tag asks
with usernames.) Asks are active posts that constantly change to match
the asker’s URL.

to the bloggers who have given me tips and those who have helped me keep updates going while I’ve
had post limits in effect and/or have been unable to access my computer.

LAST UPDATED: 2100 GMT 5.2.15