my favourite Rosario Dawson story: she was at some award show (I think it was the MTV movie awards, but idk) and some dude was presenting, and he kept groping the women onstage. Like, he made a running gag out of groping every woman who came up to either present or accept an award. So finally Rosario got called up,and when she got onstage, she reached down and grabbed his balls like “OH, YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, ASSHOLE.”

and that was the end of that “running joke” and why I love Rosario Dawson. the end.

It was during the Spirit Awards. The presenter was Paul Rudd (just presenting not hosting). I don’t remember any running gag, but there was a bit with Eva Mendes. A very tired (scripted) bit, where they said they had something planned, but couldn’t do it and so he ended up grapping her breast, while she read the nominees. Rosario Dawson was not even supposed to be on stage, but she was done with this shit and jumped up, taking matters – that is his package – into her own hand.

Here’s the clip:

“I’m a women’s rights activist and I was getting a little tired that he was grabbing her [Eva Mendes’] boob onstage for half an hour.”