Baltimore: Riot cops attack high school walkout, youths fight back

Watch the video. We need to learn from these youth. Get ready to fight back against killer cops. Your city / neighborhood is next.

Rocks against tear gas, armored vehicles and live ammo. Intifada in Baltimore.

Look, this pisses me off, I know I’ll probably get stomped on for this but I don’t care, I’m done with people glorifying things like this. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be anything done about brutality but not every cop is a killer, and you should not automatically assume that if someone is injured in custody or gets shot during an arrest that the cop did it out of brutality. A peaceful protest is fine but when you throw rocks at them, injuring them to the point they need to go to the hospital and they cannot get there without an armored vehicle to take them it is enough. Stop. Don’t glorify this.

Nobody’s glorifying the situation, who would WANT a world in which the good side is a bunch of kids throwing rocks at a well-armed armored force with full legal and public backing and impunity to do what they want? What the posts are praising is the courage of people taking a stand.

It was a peaceful protest but turned into a showdown because of the police. You’re pissed off about a group with riot armor getting hurt by thrown rocks but you weren’t pissed off earlier when they actually literally killed people? Even though you admit there are SOME cases of police brutality, and something should be done about it. What? What should be done about something that’s continued on for so long and had not this completely civilian backlash started, would have been ignored in this case too? Not every cop may be a killer, but if they close ranks behind the bad ones, they are accomplices, right? Like, how are you going to trust the people who see what happened and instead of starting proceedings against the apparently rare bad cops, still show up in full riot gear against the street protesters?