Hi. So, what do you think about the movie? (1448LAU)


Um. I dunno. It was interesting to watch another Thai movie, I think the only other ones I’ve seen are Chocolate and the Ong-Bak series, so this was a big departure from the action. I liked the first half, it was cute, but it just makes me wish all that much more for a different ending. :

I’m pretty sick and tired of queer stories getting a tragic ending so that the straight audience learns some empathy. Like, wouldn’t it humanize us more to share in the same joys and happy endings of mainstream romances? They’re such starkly different experiences, I don’t know if things like not being able to be out, or get married, or share insurance or medical treatment, or even see someone in the hospital or getting custody of their kid teach much instead of just evoking a guilty relief at not having to live like that. And how depressing and sad and frightening it must be for the queer audience.