A lot of those tweets by Trevor Noah are from 2009 (yes some are more recent). It begs the question, is there no place for growth in the internet age? Yes, he was already a grown ass man when he wrote that, but three years ago I was a completely different person then now. To me, being hyped or hating the guy at this point is useless. just another example of how much we love the “your fave is problematic” way of thinking


Did you even read what I said? Literally started my comment with “people change.” No where did I try to convince anyone to hate him.

That being said, at least one of those was about 6 months ago, and if you check the notes he apparently made a transmisogynistic tweet earlier this year, and his standup (outside the oft-referenced HBO special) is often racist…

I don’t think it’s unfair to hold the host of The Daily Show to a high standard. Jon Stewart has said and done some messed up stuff before, and he’s been rightly called out. If our society is going to hold up TDS as a bastion of progressiveness, the host is going to be held to a high standard. Maybe Trevor Noah won’t uphold the straight, cis, thin, male power structure. Maybe those tweets ARE aberrations.

All my faves are problematic. You’re problematic. I’m problematic. We’re all humans, and we do messed up things sometimes. But that doesn’t mean our oppressive behavior is okay. It means we should strive to be the best we can be, and that includes listening to oppressed groups when they say we’re hurting them, and changing our behavior going forward.