I have just watched the premiere of “el ministerio del tiempo”, a Spanish show about time travel set in Spain.


My God. It has NOTHING TO DO with Doctor Who. In fact, right now the script surpasses the last seasons by far.

It can be translated as ‘the time council’ and it is about a team of people (think men in black but with time instead of aliens) They are super domestic about the whole thing, they are civil servants and they show it, and their mission is to keep time as it is.


The show starts when the council/ministry recruits three people who don’t value their lives much in their time (sentenced to death/woman in an all man university/depressed and suicidal). The new team is assembled and assigned a mission.

But look:

In the first 10 minutes a woman from 1930 kisses the first woman to go to university in 1880.


First ten minutes.

The student rejects the woman politely, but like 20 minutes later you have them talking like friends about how time traveling makes their periods fickle and how to use a tampon.

The main character is a regular paramedic. His back story is of a wife killed in a car accident, but that is not his only motivation, I have hope for that character who makes references like Tony Stark, but nobody gets it, because his casemates have never seen terminator.

Then there is the ‘oldest’ character, who is a gentleman with the good and the bad parts of it. One of his sentences is “when a woman says no, it means no”.

The research department has outdone itself, the costume department deserves an Oscar, the team of special effects is just woa…

Guys, even if Spanish is not your first language, this show deserves a chance. The whole episodes will be free to watch here, and they are not geo-locked like the bbc or so many other American Channels.

If Doctor Who let you down, give this team a chance.