26 Favorite Femslash Moments of 2014
. The Bletchley Circle – Millie and Susan

I considered leaving this one out, it’s by the far the least overt moment on the list, and really, it’s an ending. Whatever could have happened between them happened long ago and this was just for closure. And whatever could have happened was subtext at most. But it’s about solid a confirmation as we’d get about that past. I love the show and
I’ve loved them from the start when their opening scenes were so suggestive
but then we cut immediately to a future where relations were strained.
They’d barely talked or even communicated and it turned out that they’d
planned to do so much together but Susan abandoned the plan and Millie,
and now she’s married with kids and the implications were quite clear.
Whatever she felt for Millie hadn’t been strong enough to compete with
her fears and the appeal of a more “normal” life. But no! We get this
treasure of a scene that confirms it was the opposite, she felt too much. It’s obviously too late for it to affect anything but it changes so much for Millie and she acknowledges that. It’s a complete shift in her thinking too, after all, she would have assumed the same as we had, that Susan picked the other life over her because she wasn’t enough. For the show to include this moment before Susan left was so significant.