You know watching the (justified) fallout from the Vulture article and fandom ‘syllabus’ really makes me want to suggest that we – femslash fandom – should just make our own fucking list of the classics. Femslash has to an extent always been about carving our own spaces because none have ever been provided for us, not in mass media and not in the broader fandom culture. I think the critiques going around are 100% necessary but the conversation can’t stop there. There are whole generations of young shippers coming up today who have never been on LJ, let alone the sites before that, never read Xena fic or Voyager fic or Jo and Blair or dozens of other pairings that are our history. Passion & Perfection alone has over 78 fandoms and that’s just a starting point. 

And it shouldn’t be just the “old” fics/fandoms. If we’re going to have a syllabus it has to allow for the stories by and for the whole spectrum of femslash shippers. That means a list of “popular” fics including only two cis white lesbian characters is not acceptable. 

I have neither the time (due to real life constraints) nor the reach in the femslash community to organize this, but I would like to throw this idea out there. Fuck Vulture. Its the same situation its always been, so lets do what femslash fandom has always done.

I’m willing to volunteer some time to creating something that will collect these recommendations, but my femslash experience is actually pretty limited, so signal boosting to see if there’s a femslash historian out there willing to do some of the curation and/or brainstorm about how to go about it, because as valuable a resource as I think this would be, opening it up to public recommendations and valuing kudos on Ao3 isn’t going to be a particularly effective gauge of the most groundbreaking, well-written stories that femslash has ever produced.

ralst, you seem like a good place to start this with.  Any thoughts, beside just linking to your archive? 😉

I’ve planned on creating a personal repository for recs but never really managed to get started, but have come across some useful resources along the way:

As you mentioned, ralst‘s site Passion & Perfection and its LJ, the older archives Academy of the Bards, the Athenaeum, AUSXIP, the Pink Rabbit Consortium, and Realm of the Shadow, for a start. 

Uber Etc and Femslash Today are good places for new updates.

For some good older multi-fandom recs, there’s leavethesky‘s LJ and diigo library, ein_myria’s DW, thelastgoodname’s LJ and delicious collection, ff_showcase, and a list of recs more geared toward fans of anime and manga.