26 Favorite Femslash Moments of 2014
20. Jane the Virgin – Luisa and Rose

This was only the second episode, so it might seem unfairly ranked above some of the other moments below, but I just really liked it. At the time, I wasn’t expecting much, I knew a main character’s sister would be a lesbian and the doctor who messed up everything and there’d be an ex in the picture, but that’s it. That ex turned out to be Bridget Regan, though, so interest immediately soared, but I still figured there’d be some bickering and tension at most, but not much screentime for them. I did not expect that in this second episode, we’d get both a shift from ex back to lover and the reveal that Rose was Luisa’s stepmom! Fun.

But really, as the fall season started last year, there was already this general anger and hurt at the spate of recent queer lady TV deaths, so it was lovely to see my dash swept away in a wave of amused and excited surprise (if you’d followed the Legend of the Seeker fandom at all, you’d know just how many people wanted Bridget Regan to kiss a woman) after this scene. And don’t get me wrong, the show was already so great and watchable, I’d have it as favorite new series of the season even without Rose/Luisa, everyone keeps saying that’s just extra toppings on a yummy sundae, and that’s true, but I like that we do get a queer storyline. Yeah, it’s not NECESSARY, but what is? They chose to go with it and in a ridiculous but genre-appropriate way and they get all my support for that.

Okay, Rose, until that point, hadn’t had much to do except have that hair and be played by Bridget Regan but our poor Luisa! She messed up, yeah, big time, no one’s going to disagree, but in the same way that Jane is a certain kind of archetypal romance lead, strong-willed and intelligent and so good of heart, Luisa turns out to be one too, the hapless, adorable, endearing heroine who the suave, beautiful, in-control Rose somehow can’t resist. And even in this short scene, we see there’s actually a lot of depth and history to their relationship, with Rose worried about Luisa’s drinking and apologizing for and knowing she’s hit a nerve. Of course, there are a whole bunch of plot developments to follow (some kind of iffy), but at this point, I’d been eager to see how it’d all play out.

(Bonus: these tags for why I continue to love this ship.)
(Extra bonus! This incredibly fun fake trailer for a movie I would pay a lot of money to see.)